strategic location  between THE GLOBAL SUPERPOWERS OF EAST


economy’s growth rate


percent of population subscribed to mobile connection


of the population avid user of mobile broaband. growing at 17% per annum

“ With fuzzy and a sizeable consumer base Nepal makes an amazing country for business and digital startups to invest and make a good business into. It’s a trader’s heaven”

Investors or Non investors. SME or large business. Digital service or freelancer. Tech companies or platform owners , traders or service providers Nepal is the best place you can rollout. Riverplacid helps you find a trusted Local team or a partner who can assist you and rest our services are always there for you. 

Doing busines in Nepal doesn’t mean every business that enters in Nepal enters as Investor . It’s never the case in general . Multitude of corporations in Nepal may take advantage of amicable rules and regulations that aims to support unique busineses. Digital services , platforms , product owner companies , traders , brands all benefit from it.  And to rollout or serve It’s not huge investment or investment at all. It’s learning what you want to do and having a plan how you serve your probable customer base rest we do it for you. 


Take a free assessment for your project

If you are interested doing business in Nepal or have products , platforms or plans that you think is monetizable . Talk to one of our team member or consider taking a free assessment of your business. This is the way we understands your businesses and processes and suggest a way ahead for your project.

and It’s free  

Legal and regulatory assessment

Nepal’s legal framework is a crucial element for any international business to consider beforehand hatching project for Nepal. Riverplacid assess your project’s legal standpoint and positioning so that it not only stays running but florushes over time.   

Stakeholder assessment

With assessment of beneficiary interests  and assesment of roles and returns Riverplacid makes sure your interests are best administered . With the assessment of interests and stakeholder relations  It’s the way  Riverplacid understands you and the way of your business to best serve your interest in regulatory bodies , government agencies  for  representing you or to sundertake your tasks.  

Process assessment

With our extensive  checklist and process mapping assessment we make sure we understand your business and your deliverables best. This way we have helped businesses through years and we expect to help you deliver your best.  Riverplacid makes sure you always get the competitive advantages among the similar operators by continuous improvising the process flow and approach.

“With years of experince in serving businesses and doing business ourselves in Nepal the team Riverplacid undisputedly have the deep industry understanding. It’s not only accountants and lawyers who  benefit your project but a team of with all the aforementioned and consultants which think out of the box for you and go an extra mile to get things done . What you need is an Invisible hand which is always there to oversee your process and regulatory positioning and can help when things are not just regular stuffs."

Team Riverplacid

Overall corporate BPO

Lower costs - increase administrative efficiency - experience freedom

The entrepreneurs , corporate Investors , Service providers , Telecommunication platform owners , business sippliers , Professionals , Digital nomads , Advertisers , content owners , agreegators , media owners , web apps, games owners , e-marketplaces firms  or anyone who simply wants to hatch a business case within Nepal or any Individual who just want to seek Indepth  advice about doing business in Nepal can always benefit from our expertise. Our team will always be more than happy to see from you. 

Digital Entrepreneurs , Developers , e-commerce, Marketplaces, apps , Fintech

Platform owners , app developers , mobile value added services , WAPS, content aggregators , Digital marketers, Website , content and VAS moibetization that seek service rollout in Nepal can always benefit from our deep industry understanding and from our more than a decade long experience in Nepal’s telecom sector . Your proposition and your project are always at safer hands with our team. 

As the mobile value added service sector in Nepal has gone through the series of stages from telecom bound career billed format to independent digitally sold apps , contents and services in Nepal. To steer projects in regard of any of the above it cricual to take in consideration all the macro and micro factors that efect the projects and the frameworks that are unique to South Asian market and specifically of Nepal’s own regulations. Our

Telecommunications , broadband distributor and Infra-companies  with import and International Logistics

Telecommunications equipment import is a very tricky field in Nepal. As things run on huge costs and the delays and regulatory clearences can make the stipulated costs go even further and in some events even fall into penalties and confiscations it is very important to seek assiatnce of people who have been doing it in Nepal for decades. Our properitory process flow , service facilitating designs and deep knowhow onto the requisites will not only bring your project deployment and delivery costs to ground but also help us repatriate your worth back with ease  without getting into any risks.  With a long history of assisting projects that need Infrastruture imports and with our own partners who realise the abovementioned process it’s one of the best things we can help you with,  

Corporations dealing in frequent Foreign-exhange recommendations like Traders, Logistics, Single time vendors of services and corporations with contracts in Nepal

Nepal has the strickest law in south asia when it comes to foreign exchange recommendations. The forex reserves are governed by the strictest laws in Nepal. For corporate payouts and reoatriation to go well it’s very crucial that everything from contracts to the necessary compliance has to be rationalised as per a number of laws and regulations before foreign Investor recieve their project generated money back to their home accounts. Our properietory approach to the project realzation will not only steer your projects between these turfs and turns but also make your money go back your home seamless.  Our decade long experience in repatriating millions of dollars to the happy clients are testimonies that things can never go wrong with assistance from our experience team. 

Multinational with strategic Legal, Audit and Regulatory Compliance requirements

The next thing to have a great project is to have everything compliance in place for it to stay great. As Nepal’s regulatory framework is reactionary so it’s very complex to foreseek things for an underexperiece team to do everything right by their own. Regulations do change more often and requirements are updated at will of regulatory board referrals and commitees decisions. Politically its even complex to aligh things. These vilnerabilities and more can make expert managers go haywire and take turns that result in project failures. Our expert team will assist you , advice you and do things in behalf of your project so that you do not have to stress about it’s deliverables and your ROI. 

Riverplacid benefits your project and create a sustainable background for your business

Have a company in Nepal and run it remotely

Incorporate a  company and run locally while you're away. Sustain when you’re not there dissolve when you don’t need it anymore

Invest, Trade and connect like it’s local without missing necessary compliances

Riverplacid handles all the dirty job so that you always get that competitive edge and don’t fall prey of procedural mistakes which result in regulatory , taxation or compliance issues. 

Manage accounts and also your key accounts 

Eliminate the hassle of long procedural lags in fstatutory audits and local duties and taxes.  Our packaged solutiom takes care of your affairs and brings your liabilities to lowest feasible points. 

Response to changes in regulatory requirements , fulfill  them even if you're not there

Riverplacid help you steer your project through regulatory changes and help you respond and fullfil arisen liabilities in the changed scenario even if you’re not there. 

Earn more  , waste   least  , Repatriate  most

While  your projectt generates revenue   Riverplacid will help you make sure it’s repatriated  with ease in the timeline best for you 

Join a friendly team with huge professional community behind

The Riverplacid shall always keep your interest above all. Our team shall strive to improvise approaches for your so that there is no hassles to  bother you. 

Drop into say hello , schedule a meeting or may be just text or mail us.

If you fall into the one of the category above , have corporate plans for Nepal , simply looking to do business , trying to understanding things in Nepal,
have trade relations with parties here , want to learn how things are here like or have an existing Investment or Service contracts.
Schedule a meeting to seek ways to improvise things and minimize procedural opportunity losses. Let’s talk

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